Marilyn - Scharfe Girls auf Achse

Marilyn - Scharfe Girls auf AchseMarilyn - Scharfe Girls auf Achse

Francoise, Laura Clair, Maria Granada, Marianne Aubert, Olinka, John Oury, Gabriel Pontello, Andre Kay, Antony Ray, Pierre Martinelli, Pjotr Stanislas.

The film is in English with no subtitles; only the title on the box cover is in German. The title in English is Mobile Home Girls. A movie that represents the type of porn that director Michel Lemoine excelled with. He is known for bringing out the best in the actresses.
After partying with male clients Olinka takes her girls on a busman's holiday to Italy. After a girlie session on the way and taking on the first client in a public town square, they park discreetly in the country.
Marilyn - Scharfe Girls auf Achse
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