Fantasex (1976)

Fantasex (1976)
Fantasex (1976)

A shy young man who is obsessed with sex and a plain young woman both work for a publisher of dirty books. When the two of them get tired of being pushed around at work, they turn to violence against their employer and his secretary to get revenge.

По сценам:
Scene 1. Terri Hall, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 2. Jennifer Jordan, Roger Caine
Scene 3. Juliet Graham, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 4. Juliet Graham, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 5. Melody Gerdon, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 6. Jennifer Jordan, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 7. Terri Hall, Jeffrey Hurst
Scene 8. Jennifer Jordan, Terri Hall, Jeffrey Hurst, Roger Caine
Scene 9. Terri Hall, Jeffrey Hurst

Additional information: At the beginning and end of the film are the trailers "The final sin" и "October silk"
Fantasex (1976)
Category: Classic


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