Slim brunette student fucks in field for cash

Slim brunette student fucks in field for cash

Thought I'd take a trip out of the city today, see if I could get some out of town talent. As I was strolling down by the river I noticed a hot brunette sitting on her own. So I went over and sparked up a conversation and found out she was a student studying business. This was good, as students always want money, and I had lots on me. So I asked if she would like to earn some money modelling, which is was up for. Then I asked if she would do a castingfor 2,000 crowns. Deal done! O we went to find a quiet spot for a casting. After getting to see her semi naked I wanted more, so I offered her more money to suck my dick. Before I knew it the cash was in her purse and her lips were smacked around my shaft. Now I definitely wanted more so I offered her even more money for a little more action.This money hungry student lapped up the chance, and within seconds I had her pressed up against the bonnet fucking her from behind. Then after getting her to ride me on top I emptied my balls into her mouth. Money well spent.
Slim brunette student fucks in field for cash
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